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The best tool to set you apart from your competition

iRoofing possesses the largest roofing and siding manufacturer’s product database available in one convenient place.
This database contains a comprehensive catalog of shingles, tile, metal, composites, slate, shake, underlayment and siding.

No more switching from manufacturer to manufacturer websites to showcase different options for your customer, our catalog allows you the ability to show all the manufacturers seamlessly in one location.

You’re also provided access to all the high-resolution product images and beautifully installed roof photos from the manufacturer’s own photo galleries, right within the iRoofing app.  

The catalogs are automatically updated and sorted for your specific local market, so feel confident that you’ll only see those products and colors that are available in your area.

iRoofing’s user friendly app however takes it even one step further by allowing you to customize which manufacturer’s, products and colors you want visible to your clients as you take them through your sales presentation.

Convenience and professional management of your catalogs ensures your materials are always available and ready to order.


And as if that wasn’t enough…Get ready to really “Wow” your customer!

By utilizing the iRoofing simulator, we’ll be able to place these catalog products on an image of their own property using the most realistic visualization tool in the industry.  You’re not limited to only one product on the property, you can provide side by side comparisons using different products and colors. There are no limits to the abilities you’ll possess and certainly will help you close more sales.


Other Features:

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