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Measuring roofs is time consuming, costly, and adds potential liability. Our roof measurement feature allows you the ability to produce unlimited measurements from an aerial view or blueprint, at no additional cost.  We’ve taken the satellite measurement tools, put them in your hands, and made them easy to use.

  • Flexibility to measure properties from virtually any location.
  • Increases productivity, improves operational efficiencies and professional appearance while saving the company time and money.
  • Spend less time on the roof and more time face to face with the customer educating them on best roofing practices, expectations and why your company is the best choice for them.
  • Professional, detailed, computer-generated reports are ready for immediate presentation to clients.
  • The roof measurement report produces all the information needed to prepare the estimate and sell the job, including all the square footage and linear totals:
    • Ridges
    • Flashing
    • Eaves
    • Rakes
    • Valleys
    • Hips
    • and More
  • iRoofing’s Field Verification System can verify your entire report by simply entering one field measurement and it automatically dials in the accuracy to the highest level of precision possible.
  • A competitive advantage when receiving last-minute calls from potential clients…
    • No waiting for expensive measurements reports or scrambling up on the roof
    • Within minutes you’ve:
      • Completed your roof measurements
      • Prepared a professional measurements report
      • On your way to selling the job and getting the contract signed

iRoofing’s software is a combination of several satellite sources, such as google earth, that have been integrated to create our own proprietary satellite-based roof measurement tool. This allows the user to create their own sketches of the roof and obtaining instant results and reports.

Using iRoofing’s proprietary satellite measuring software to measure your customer’s roof allows you the ability to show your customer each measurement, for each part of the roof, separately and as a whole. This enables you to educate them on their roof by utilizing the reports produced from the aerial measurement output.

Providing contractors a satellite-based software program allows iRoofing the opportunity to help contractors to get important aerial images of a roof prior to going out to the site.

Whether you’re putting on shingles, metal, tiles, composites, or commercial roofing the iRoofing app will improve your productivity, increase your efficiency and save you money!


The first report provides a total picture of the roofs measurements:

  • Total Area in sqft
  • Total Slopes
  • Total Squares
  • Waste Factors
  • Measurement of each part in sqft

Roof Measurement example

The second report provides a layout of just the parts measurements

satellite roof measurements

The third report provides the Total Area, Total Slopes, and Pitch of the roof

roofing measurements

The fourth report provides all of the Pitch measurements based on each individual slope

roof measurements from satellite

iRoofing Is Available for iPad & Android Tablets




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Roofing measurements recommendation

I Was able to do 17 estimates in 1 hour got the job and a raise thanks Elizabeth for signing us for iRoofing Paid for itself for 10 yours today.
John Walters, Dade Home Inspections




Satellite Roof Measurements recommendationI just wanted to reach out to you and your firm and personally thank you guys for putting together such wonderful products. By using the iRoofing simulator, we have doubled our closed rate and your measurement tool has increased our productivity by 40%!

We here at Latite Roofing wish you continuous success and we look forward to your upgrades on all of your products. Thank You!

Respectfully, Eric Caraballoso, Account Manager



roof measurement satellite testimonialSVG has assisted our office with iRoofing and the implementation of it. It is an amazing tool, especially on a 4G Ipad in the field. (Twice) within the first week, I was able to assist 2 Independent adjusters and gave (both) of them all the roof specs via email…while he was BUYING my roof! I saved him his personal $$ since they have to pay for the satellite measurements out of their own pocket. Anthony Delmedico was correct. iRoofing is damn near priceless for the benefits it is optimized for. Kyle at iRoofing will train your staff, painlessly remotely.

SVG – Storm Ventures Group


Balesco constuction Roofing - measurements

We just completed a condo complex that measured using iRoofing (didn’t put a tape measure on the job). iRoofing measurements 898.66 squares, actual 892 squares.
Not bad. Thanks a ton!!!





AM Roofing Solutions testinonialI’ve been using the app since April and loving it. Saves me at least an hour every house in pricing for a roof. I’m prepared the night before, spend more time in front of my clients and close more deals because of it. Now we have four salesmen using it with the same results.

Steve Boyle – AM Roofing Solutions



Fair Claims roofing testimonials on measurement

Just got this and it’s so awesome for mapping and measuring. Takes 5 minutes to map and measure a house and if anyone uses eagle view this is way cheaper, and can do on the spot!

Fair Claims Contracting INC.



Vertical roofing measurement testinomialsI have spent untold hours trying to get roof measurements. The simplicity and accuracy I get from the iRoofing app is amazing. I’ve always been the guy who could foul up anything technological but they have been able to keep me up and running and now I’m the one teaching everyone else how to utilize the system.

Thanks, Bill Taylor – Vertical Roofing





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