Roof Visualizer

The Most Realistic Roof Visualizer – Bring Reality To Your Presentation!

Roof Visualizer…the most realistic roof simulator in the industry allows you to demonstrate how your customer’s new roof will look prior to installation.

By utilizing the largest manufacturer’s database of products available in our catalog tool, on their own home, you’ll be alleviating the most common hesitation of “But how will it look on my house?”

  • The roof visualizer offers a full suite of customization tools allowing you to scale the product size, angles, roof pitch, and shading which will provide a completely realistic layout.
  • Utilizing the ability to place side by side comparison of different manufacturers, products and colors for both the roof and siding is an option unique to our app and will help customers determine the exact look they want visually prior to installation.
  • Best of all, the visualization presented to the customer allows them to make a decision much quicker since they’ve already seen exactly what their choices will look like right on their own home. Needing to bring sample boards or sending them to showrooms is no longer necessary.
  • What better peace of mind can you give a property owner in the buying process, then to show them exactly what the finished product will look like.

A property owner’s biggest fear is making the wrong decision, with iRoofing’s simulator, you’ve taken that worry away and increased their trust in your ability to provide the services they are looking for.

Roof Visualizer                                    roofing app simulator


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recommendation roofing measurements“I just wanted to reach out to you and your firm and personally thank you guys for putting together such wonderful products.

By using the iRoofing Visualizer we have doubled our closed rate and
your measurment tool has increased our productivity by 40%!”


Eric Caraballoso, Latite Roofing

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