Roofing CRM

The best tool to set you apart from your competition

iRoofing’s customer database is the answer to the stacks of documents and files stored in your office.  iRoofing can save and organize all of the information relating to your customers and roofing business.

It allows you to quickly access any information from any job by giving you an easy to view visual map overview.  You can instantly sort all of your jobs by their current status.

All you need to do to find a job and everything pertaining to it, is tap on the job site or search for the name or property address and you will have access to all of your scheduled visits, chosen products, property photos, Roof Measurements, simulator photos, material orders, ordered samples, contracts, permit documentation and payments.

Now, when you are out of the office and a customer calls you out of the blue – you are ready for anything because you can instantly see their entire job file and answer questions on the spot.

The customer database acts as your personal assistant by helping you plan your week, providing directions to your next job, easily creating calendar appointments and reminding you when to do your followups so you can take charge of your communications with your customers.

One thing we have noticed is that our system is the only one that is also used to get sales!  With our unique visual overview of all the jobs you have done you have the ultimate answer for “have you done any jobs in the area?” as you can easily show customers how qualified you are and show them before and after photos of jobs that are closest to them.


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