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Mike Wilde

Sales Manager, Earl W. Johnston Roofing Inc.

“You are able to get all of your measurements from sitting at home on the couch if you wanted to”

Walter Millet

Altec Roofing

“We are able to close probably three to four sales a day instead of one or two”

Eric Caraballoso

Sales Manager, Latite Roofing

“I just wanted to reach out to you and your firm and personally thank you guys for putting together such wonderful products. By using the iRoofing simulator we have doubled our closed rate and your measurement tool has increased our productivity by 40%!

Doyle Guy

President, Guyson Construction, Inc.

I have been very happy with the iRoofing software so far and continue to find new ways to utilize it.


Chris Ortiz

Earl Johnston Roofing

“This is Chris Ortiz with Earl Johnston Roofing. We have been using iRoofing for a while now. From my experience using iRoofing, I have found it is a very helpful tool. I can show homeowners samples of roof products and what their roof is going to look like when it is done. This is an awesome feature and homeowners love it.

iRoofing makes my job a lot faster and more professional. I’m able to measure a roof from my office before I go to the house so I’ll be ready when I get there. The customer service for iRoofing is the best, they have always been there when I needed any help. Bottom line: iRoofing is a great tool to have! It’s definitely the best thing since sliced bread. Any roofing company that’s not using iRoofing #shameonyou.

John Walters

Dade Home Inspections

“I Was able to do 17 estimates in 1 hour got the job and a raise thanks Elizabeth for signing us for iRoofing Paid for itself for 10 years today.”

Sergio Eduardo Handal

Handal Roofing

We can show to our customers their house with different roof brands and colors. Thanks iRoofing for this program!

Handal Roofing


RemStar Roofing

“We love your App! We’ve utilized it in every sale since we got it! Will be uploading job photos to Facebook in the future.”

RemStar Roofing

Chad R. Naro

Project Manager, Build Savings

You guys have been so on top of everything and we love your app! It’s rare to get the type of customer service you guys provide these days.


Jake Gast

Paragon Exteriors

The App is impressive but even more impressive to me is the customer service received from the iRoofing team. It will make you more money than it costs.

Paragon Exteriors roof

Gustavo Romero

Romero Roofing & Services

I am very pleased with the technology iRoofing has added to our Company thank you Ely Calzadilla for bringing your knowledge to our field manager Veronica she is on her way to measuring all roof leads.

Romero Roofing

Bill Taylor

Vertical Roofing

“I have spent untold hours trying to get roof measurements. The simplicity and accuracy I get from the iRoofing app is amazing. I’ve always been the guy who could foul up anything technological but they have been able to keep me up and running and now I’m the one teaching everyone else how to utilize the system.”

Vertical Roofing

Anthony Delmedico

Storm Venture Group

SVG has assisted our office with iRoofing and the implementation of it. It is an amazing tool, especially on a 4G iPad in the field. (Twice) within the first week, I was able to assist 2 Independent adjusters and gave (both) of them all the roof specs via email…while he was BUYING my roof! I saved him his personal $$ since they have to pay for the satellite measurements out of their own pocket. Anthony Delmedico was correct. iRoofing is damn near priceless for the benefits it is optimized for. Kyle at iRoofing will train your staff, painlessly remotely.

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