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iRoofing is a mobile software platform created and designed for roofing contractors to improve safety, increase productivity, efficiencies, and sales closing ratios, while at the same time reducing costs, providing sales presentation and project management tools, in an all inclusive mobile app (currently on iPad).

Join Our Next Online Webinar  – 11/17/16,  8PM (EST)

Have the chance of winning a FREE One Year iRoofing Subscription ($1548 value)!

Here are some of iRoofing’s most popular products:

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Now that you know what we do…here’s how all these tools can help you. By integrating the iRoofing system into your day to day process, we’ll help you increase productivity, increase profits, free up time, look more professional, and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Here’s how…

Chris And Elizabeth froom iroofing app

clock-02 How You’ll Increase Productivity and Free Up Your Time…

  • You can measure a roof yourself… using our customized tool by simply inputting an address or uploading any type of drawing, and sketching the roof yourself. No need to wait for reports, you control the process yourself.
  • Prepare the day before…have all your measurement reports ready, your estimate started, upon arrival do a quick inspection, adjust your estimate (layers, wood rot, etc.) if needed, and you are ready to spend your time building rapport with your customer, instead of up on the roof.
  • Do a lot of bidding?… No need to question should you order a report, our app allows you to do as many measurements as you’d like at no additional cost. You can do 95% of your work remotely, from anywhere. Cut out all that windshield time.

app for roofer“I’ve been using the app since April and loving it. Saves me at least an hour every house in pricing a roof. I’m prepared the night before, spend more time in front of my clients and close more deals because of it. Now we have four salesman using it with the same results.”

Steve Boyle – AM Roofing Solutions



roofer software roofing“With this app, you are still going to look at your customer’s eye to eye, but instead of spending 20 minutes pulling measurements and calculating, I now have the roof measurements before I even get to the house. I still inspect the roof and check the number of layers s I can give an accurate price. I have found that most homeowner like the fact that I am showing up prepared for the estimate. I also sold a $29K last month because I was able to show the homeowners what all the the brands and colors that they were interested in would look like on the roof.”

Anthony Lombardo – Lombardo Construction

Join Our Next Online Webinar  – 11/17/16,  8PM (EST)

Have the chance of winning a FREE One Year iRoofing Subscription ($1548 value)!

 finance-01How the App will Increase Your Profits…

  • No more…ordering expensive reports.
  • Less travel time…and better time management.
  • Increased safety…less trips up on the roof.  
  • Utilizing our simulator and manufacturer’s catalogs…you’ll increase your closing ratio by allowing your client to visualize how their roof/siding will look like using different products, colors and styles, prior to install, making the buying decision worry free and increasing your first visit close rate.

Roofer testimonial“Awesome product, I use this in my business, it’s a huge selling tool. I exclusively use Gerard Stone Coated metal and it looks very realistic in the simulator. Best investment I made.”

Kyle Walker – Walker Brothers

business-man-settings-01 Look More Professional and Differentiate Yourself…

  • Our customizable professional pitchbook…will help you create your in-home sales story, you’ll increase your professional appearance, help build trust, and keep the entire team on the same message.
  • Utilizing mobile technology… will show your future clients that you are investing in cutting edge capabilities, you’re a progressive roofing/siding contractor who’s utilizing the latest and greatest products, installation techniques, etc.
  • Differentiating yourself from your competition…will be seamless by simply incorporating the iRoofing system and providing the education, professionalism, worry free product decision making, and building a relationship and trust through the entire process.

roofer testimonial“I can show homeowners samples of roof products and what their roof is going to look like when it is done. This is an awesome feature and homeowners love it. iRoofing makes my job a lot faster and more professional”

Chris ortiz , Earl Johnston Roofing

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Have the chance of winning a FREE One Year iRoofing Subscription ($1548 value)!

toolbox-02 Management Tools…

  • Sign contracts… right on the app using our electronic signature capabilities. You can also edit the contract to cover any change order needs.
  • Manage your customer files… right in the app and in the cloud for safekeeping. You’ll have access to all your customers files – measurements, photos, material orders, contract with the ability to upload any additional documents, information you choose. Your customer files will be available to you from virtually anywhere.
  • Manage your jobs… by track each job’s progress. See what jobs are currently in open statuses and drill down by status.  You can also use this tool to manage any outstanding receivables in our CRM system.
  • Manage appointments… using the calendar provided for creating appointments, creating tasks, and keeping notes on where you current communications stand with each customer.
  • Place material orders… and send them to your distributor or manufacturer contacts directly from the app. We’ve included a picture of the product to help ensure up receive proper materials for your customer’s delivery.

capture“iRoofing has become a vital part of our business. We keep track of our customers with the CRM. It shows all your customers nearby on the map. I can’t imagine running our business like we did before iRoofing. We will be iRoofing for life. Keep up the good work, it really gives the roofing industry an edge. I can’t say enough…”

We invite you to learn even more about all the amazing functionality this app can provide for you…the best way to do that, is to reach out to us.


Having a live dialogue and viewing the app in person with one of our amazing professional staff members is truly the best way to experience the iRoofing app. Due to the uniqueness of each business, sitting down with a team member and sharing with us a little bit of your time, we’re confident we can address your individual needs and help show you how your business can thrive with iRoofing…

During the webinar we’ll show you how with just a little practice you’ll be measuring roofs via satellite like a pro in no time.  How to navigate and use the entire system to help you increase sales and project manage all your jobs, while at the same time answering any and all questions you may have…including some tips on how to go to market to get the most out of our system.

As an Added Bonus…for a limited time, we are offering a contest for a FREE One Year iRoofing Subscription ($1548 value).  By just attending our next available webinar, you’ll be automatically eligible for this amazing opportunity!!!

Join Our Next Online Webinar  – 11/17/16,  8PM (EST)

Have the chance of winning a FREE One Year iRoofing Subscription ($1548 value)!

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